Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Half Polish

Easy there, my friends, I've heard every joke. The point I'm making which is central to something, is that by being half Polish, I am qualified to not only negotiate with Poland, but I think I should be the ambassador as well. Look at the video of Palin absolutely making an ass out of herself, that's an ass with lipstick, my friends. Via TPM. I guess I'd also be qualified to negotiate with Michigan since I live very close to the border. I wonder what I would negotiate with Michigan? I'll ponder. Nonetheless, this is who McLiar picked to be his second-in-command. Talk about Loony Tunes judgment. More here.


Anonymous said...

You would be willing to be the ambassador. to South Milwaukee? - what courage. You are truly a great Patriot. My hats off to you.

Shutterwi said...

The State of Michigan? Hell you live "below" Canada. Secretary of State that's the ticket.