Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Everything Is Connected

The Kid turned me on to the newsletter from Organic Consumers Association awhile back. In their most recent email, they have a story about Whole Foods Market, not the Whole Foods Coop in Duluth, MN, but the big stores around the country. Apparently, the United Farm Workers are attempting to organize the workers at Beef Northwest & Whole Foods Market is the biggest buyer of beef products from that corporation. Whole Foods Market continues to purchase meat without linking their money to the plight of the workers, something they ought to be doing, it's just common sense, you know. They are not supporting the workers, obviously, so we, my loyal four readers & I, need to let Whole Foods Market know that we are unhappy with them. So, dear readers, go here to sign the OCA's petition to be sent to Whole Foods Market.They have been & are a leader in protecting the standards of animal care, now it's time for them to help protect worker's care, as well.

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