Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Great & honorable move by Sen. Clinton. We must defeat the extremist John McCain. & let me paraphrase Wes Clark's analysis, being a prisoner of war is not a training ground for being the president of the United States. McLiar's constant use of his POW status, from everything from his many, many houses, to his lies about Sen. Obama's views on Iran, has really cheapened every prisoner of war from all wars & all countries. I didn't make any links in the last sentence because, frankly, I'm too goddamned tired tonight. If you don't believe me, check it out & you'll need to send me an apology, 50 bucks is the going rate for my accepting said apology. Here's Sen. Clinton tonight, via Talking Points Memo.


Anonymous said...

What!! John Mccain was a prisoner of war!! Why doesn't anyone tell us these things.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though Mr Creek, you are correct. I have always had a soft spot for John McCain (please note the last three letters of my name) but it appears that he is now owned by the same rancid MF'ers that own George Bush and they certainly have much to hide. Obama for Pres - lets look at some Republican dirt - LET THERE BE DIRT!!

coldH2O said...

Right on, the more ReThug dirt the better. I always thought the last three letters of you name indicated your love for livestock.