Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More Brain Science

Boredom, not just for the young anymore. I used to call this downtime, back when I was a smoker. I'd sit by the side of the river, fly rod in my lap, feet in the water, & watch the river smoothly moving by, & smoke. I'd think just about waiting for the hatch, occasionally getting excited by the rise of a brown trout, or the vee of a swimming muskrat. As I get deeper into geezerhood, I often see those moments as helpful & mindful. I'm not sure if they were, but I will say that when I sit, in my awkward way, zazan, I just can't quiet my mind. Mountains & waters, indeed.
Water is neither strong nor weak, neither wet nor dry, neither moving nor still, neither cold nor hot, neither being nor nonbeing, neither delusion nor enlightenment.

*NOTE: This sutra is also called the Mountains & Rivers Sutra, the name I learned at the first contact with Eihei Dogen's work.

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