Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A '93 Chevy Cavalier

Is the new luxury car for the somewhat rich, well, almost rich, no, an office manager for the Hess Corp. The Hess website, unlike the executives of Hess &, apparently an office worker, loads very slowly. Oh, & the office manager, one Alice Rocchio, has a husband who is an Amtrak foreman. The average salary at Amtrak is $59,000. If Ms. Rocchio has 20 or more years of experience as an office manager, her salary would be $43,785. The two salaries of this couple is $102,785, before taxes. This is a respectable income, relatively speaking. How in the name of Jesus Christ on a Ritz could they donate $61,600 to the McSame campaign & the ReThug National Committee? & their timing is impecable, their donation came within a few days of McSame reversing his opposition to offshore oil drilling. Stop chuckling in the back you kids, there is nothing wrong here, move along.

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