Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another Reason To Not Support Sen. Clinton

This is from a pro-Clinton blog that I will not link to since I think they are fucking out of their minds. Read this & weep. I'm going to make a large assumption & say this is a young person, more the sadness for this once great country. Don't ya just love the "zzzs"?
Whether the RULZ were violated or not makes not a whit of difference. The voters of Florida and Michigan are the innocent victims of this. PLUS, there was nothing in the RULZ that said there needed to be a penalty at all. Yep. The Rules and Bylaws committee could have granted them a waiver or penalized them for the next primary season or cut their delegations by half or even, and this sounds really radical, penalized NH, IA, and SC for moving up their primaries by applying the same harsh zero tolerance policy. They did nothing of the kind. Instead, they have decided to lose the election this fall. I’m not sure you are grasping the enormity of this situation. I think you may still be in the grips of an emotional reposnse to everything Clinton. And you and thousands of Democrats like you who are unable to see how greviously you are deluded will have to be brought to a conscious state by drastic action. We are going nuclear on the party in order to try and save it from itself. We are not going to behave like indulgent parents and give into its demands no matter how bad they are for it. Now, you may not like it and it might cause you stress and sleepless nights but there you are. Come to your senses now or suffer the consequences in November. your(sic) choice.

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Anonymous said...

Like a mulligan in golf, I suspect that soon there will be a hillary where you not only do it over but change the rules after you screw something up.

coldH2O said...

Agree. I wish there was a secular version of amen. It would have saved me from typing these last two sentences.