Sunday, May 11, 2008

Well, It Only Took A Little Over A Month

Somebody besides those of us in the reality based world finally noticed how out-of-touch Mr. Crooked Talk McLiar is. Kick Russia out of the G-8, now that's the way to improve America's image in the world. If we elect this man, it will be four more years of Bu$hCo, four more years of killing.
John McCain dropped a little-noticed bombshell into his March foreign-policy address: Boot Russia from the G-8, the elite club of leading industrial democracies whose leaders try to coordinate economic policies.

One major problem: He can't do it because the other G-8 nations won't let him.

But the fact that he's proposing to try, risking a return to Cold War tensions with the world's second-largest nuclear power after 20 years of prickly partnership, raises questions about McCain's judgment.

What judgment? My emphasis.

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