Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Support Food In New Orleans

Awhile back, I posted about a food coop opening in NOLA. What I didn't do was urge you to join that coop. I know that many of my loyal four readers will not be visiting anytime soon, particularly with the ReThug's high gas prices, but it is always good to show solidarity with folks who are doing the right thing.



to learn how to join the coop as a founding member. I know a hundred bucks is a piece of change for most folks, but those who can afford it ought to join. NOLA is still in ruins, just ask anyone who has visited there & has moved beyond The Quarter or Uptown. I am thanking all you generous & progressive people out there. To show how dated I am, Just Do It. BTW, the coop's URL is corrected from the original post. Those damn forward slashes actually mean something.

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