Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Resigns

This won't make much of a difference, but it's still real sweet.
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, the hard-driving and super-confident Pentagon boss who came to symbolize President Bush’s controversial Iraq policy, is resigning, President Bush announced today.


Scott said...

Someone at work said Robert Gates is another stay the course sycophant. (Daily Kos points out he was central to previous scandals and corruption.) She suggested the fear is that w will appoint Lieberman if Gates is not confirmed, who is actually pretty liberal other than his love of killing brown heathens for the entertainment of the GOP war god, giving the governor of Conn. the chance to appoint a full blooded republican in his place.

We know w isn't going to pick anyone responsible, so Gates will get confirmed in record time. To avoid the loss of Lieberman and prolonging rummy's time in office he'll be rubberstamped. I don't know much about Gates, but it sounds like a plausible game plan.

pissed off patricia said...

Feels like our birthday and christmas landed on the same day, huh?

I just found your comment about the bird book. I am all over anything about birds and I had not heard of this book. It will be in my home soon. Thank you so much for telling me about it. :)

Re Rumsfeld leaving and Gates taking his desk
Nothing will change in the war if the policy stays the same. If he is nothing but a new face, what progress have we made?

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