Saturday, November 11, 2006


No offense Vermont, but you aren't really in the big leagues. Here in Wisco, we will kill way over 300,000 whitetails. & we will still have way too many. I think our herd is about 1.5 million.

RUTLAND, Vt. --Officials have high hopes for this year's deer hunting season due to last year's mild winter and new hunting regulations.

"Hunters are reporting seeing more mature bucks with good antlers and more deer than they have in years," the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife said.

New rules which went into effect last fall restrict hunters from shooting young spikehorn bucks. The regulations were designed to boost the number of older bucks.

"Our expectations are quite high, and early indications suggest that things are going well," said Ron Regan, a spokesman for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.
Archery hunters took 93 percent more deer than last year, according to the latest tally.
Last weekend 693 deer were shot during youth hunting weekend, up from 422 taken last year.

About 80,000 licensed hunters are expected to be in the woods over the 16-day rifle season, which runs through Nov. 26.

Vermont is estimated to have between 110,000 and 140,000 deer.

Y'all are invited here to shoot some of these deer. After 30 years I may have to fence in my garden next year. The suckers have taken over.


BurdockBoy said...

I wish the hunters would start killing more does instead of just the bucks.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot to be said for the preservation of old bucks. Right Mr. Creek?

Anonymous said...

Easy on the approbation Vermont is about the size of Northwest Wisco. with twice the amount of rock.