Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So I'm flipping through the channels & came across a Tony Bennett thing. Jeez Louise that guy can sing. & he's 80 years old! Keep it up man.

Now, after searching through the internets & their tubes & stuff, I'd ask you to visit these fine places.

Some great pics - tundra swans, porcupines, bear tracks in the snow, bald eagles, albino deer over at the SideKick's place.

Something about growing up at Mixter's.

BurdockBoy has stuff about babies, among other things.


Anonymous said...

I love Tony Bennett. And, did you happen to see Alec Baldwin impersonating him on SNL? Then Tony Bennett showed up as his "guest." It was pretty cute.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


BurdockBoy said...

Wasn't Tony Bennett a coach for the Badgers?

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