Monday, September 18, 2006

That Other Country

The result of the United States' world leadership. Pathetic. I guess Bu$hCo doesn't mind that Poland offered just 10 soldiers, yes, 10, since they allowed use of their soil for the CIA's secret prisons, used for the torture of people. inquiry by the 46-member Council of Europe in June singled out Poland, which is a member of the European Union, and especially Romania, which is due to join the EU in two years, as the two most likely locales for secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe.
But Bu$hCo can't convince our allies to do more in Afganistan, where the real battle against terrorism is continuing, & not very well, by the way.
More than a week after NATO's top leaders publicly demanded reinforcements for their embattled mission in southern Afghanistan, only one member of the 26-nation alliance has offered more troops, raising questions about NATO's largest military operation ever outside of Europe and the goal of expanding its global reach.

The plea for more soldiers and equipment to fight resurgent Taliban insurgents comes as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's forces are suffering the highest casualty rates of the nearly five-year-long conflict in Afghanistan, and as European governments are feeling stretched by the demands for troops there and in Iraq, Lebanon, the Balkans and in several African countries.

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