Friday, September 08, 2006

Dropping Name

Dan Froomkin in today's WaPo. This is concerning the speech Bu$hCo gave yesterday.
But as part of this argument, Bush asserted: "The terrorists who want to harm America can now buy disposable cell phones, and open anonymous e-mail addresses. Our laws need to change to take these changes into account."

Some reporters related his words without pointing out that, as one expert explained to me yesterday, there's nothing in the White House-approved bill currently being debated on the Hill that even mentions disposable cell phones or anonymous e-mail.

Even a fool can figure out when she's in over her head. Even a fool wears a cool hat. I should know, I have one, bought for me a good looking blond while watching a Mardi Gras parade from Emeril's bleachers. A memorable moment in my life. Yeah, yeah, I get to drop a famous guy's name, but only because of the Kid.

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