Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Call For The Biker Babes

I just got back from seeing The Kid & The Twins. I again was able to gavage both of the babies. They are so young & so sweet & so not into torture. I am also so fucking depressed about this country. Please use the following TOLL FREE - that means it won't cost you anything - number & call your senator. Say something simple like:
Please, don't support the torture bill, it goes against everything that is moral & right.

Just do it. Do it for The Twins. Here's the number:

1 866 808 0065

& here are the Biker Babes. You've got to start them young, you know.

Biker Lucy

Biker Marigny

1 comment:

Spadoman said...

Glad you kept their shirts on in this photo Grandpa!