Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Night Time Visitor

Tab Benoit, our new kitten, & I had a visitor last night, a flying squirrel. This was not Rocket J. Squirrel, but he/she actually stayed around so I could get some pics. Granted, the pics aren't that great, they were shot through a window after all, we had a very late season snow storm if you weenies from the milder latitudes must now, but they are pics none the less. If this upsets you, well, I say what NTodd says about blurry pics, so sue me.

This Is Rocky The Dog, A Labrador Repeater (hat tip David G.)

This Is Rocket J. Squirrel

This Is Tab Benoit The New Kitten With Red Squirrel. Squirrel Is Not Rocket J. Squirrel, See Above

OK, OK, here are the pics of the real, live flying squirrel in northern Wisco. If you want to know more about these cool little guys, contact Gus Smith, he's a biology prof up here who has studied these critters. & even a few years ago, he noticed the southern variety pushing up into these woods, possibly replacing the northern variety. Global warming, y'all. Global warming.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics rick. hard to tell if it is northern flying squirrel or southern. It looks very cinnamony ~ northernesque, but I really don't know.

They tame down nicely and you can add it to your house of pets!

Publicus said...

You were extremely lucky to get any photos at all...our experience with these guys is that they are very camera shy....

ours were greyer