Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh, Canada

Looks like our neighbor to the north understands public health & the government's responsibility in that health, way better than our government does. To be fair, the U.S. National Institutes of Health released a report about the dangers of bisphenol A, although, as usual with the Bu$hco administration, they didn't ban the substance. Something that made me real happy was a great investigative report done by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel last year. It was good to see that paper actually do something worthwhile for a change. When the coldH2O family read about the bisphenol A, we took the correct & liberally knee-jerk action of going to the REI store in The Cities & bought four adult & two baby sized SIGG water bottles. They are a wonderful replacement for the blue, etc.,, Nalgene bottles. We all feel a little less like hippies, now, although we are all DFH when it comes to Bu$hCo's vanity war.
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Full disclosure: I, nor any of the coldH2O family, owns any stock in SIGG. They are great water bottles, however. I'd go buy one now & quit drinking out of plastic, particularly if you have young people in the house. This is one environmental health issue that individuals can actually have an impact on, not only using purchasing power, but also by letting the government & your elected representatives know, that you find the present acceptance of bisphenol A not tolerable. Way to go Canada. We love you for hockey & for maybe banning this clearly harmful substance.

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