Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Feeling Safer Yet?

I know I just titled a post with the same words as I used earlier today, or was it yesterday, I can't remember, I'm just glad the grandbabies got to the east coast OK. It was their first ride in an airplane, airplane. Needless to say, when America's chief spy not only can't handle the truth, he can't even tell the truth, we're in deep trouble. That's no news to my intelligent loyal four readers, but it probably is news to the rest of the country. Good for my Sen. Feingold for calling the sick dork out. I wonder why the press didn't lead with this lie? Not newsworthy, like Pedro's hamstring pull, I suppose.
And yet, as Feingold notes, and as a review of the press coverage details, neither of the events McConnell refers to actually happened

My emphasis.

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