Thursday, April 06, 2006


Jesus in support hose, when will the ReThugs quit whining about taxes. The reason for the increase in "fees" is that the ReThugs are starving the local municipalities with tax cuts. People want streets, snow removal, parks, water systems that actually work. Remember, once something is too weak to fight back, it's easy to drown them.

"The constitutional amendment is a 'piece of garbage' because it would take authority away from local elected officials who decide how to pay for highways and other important local programs, Sen. Robert Jauch (D-Poplar) said."
NOTE: I'm late in blogging the a.m., various reasons that include Amur tigers, router tables, & Levee Beads for Bu$hCo. Plus, Blogger is acting goofball. Back to the post, Bob Jauch is my state senator & it's good to see him speaking so bluntly to these ReThugs, something he's been doing more of lately. Keep it up, Bob.

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