Monday, April 17, 2006


Via PZ Myers, there is this very cool timeline of the earth. You move the triangle on the timeline & stuff happens. You get all kinds of info as you move along the timeline. I not sure if I should tell any teachers about at the local schools since the last time I mentioned a website - an eagle nest cam - it was blocked & the they told the teach that one computer could be dedicated to the site, if the principal OK'd it. One computer for the whole effing school. Now there's 21st education at its best. Oh, & they're leaving a lot of kids behind, but, sadly, not untouched. They are so worried about chatting, music, & naked bodies that the kids are really being denied the absolutely wonderful things the internets offer. & all you gatekeepers, don't come down on me for wanting to pollute young minds, Bu$hCo is doing a great job without me.

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