Saturday, April 15, 2006


We start off with the constellation Gemini, then we have two Lake Superior agates, then we have a poster of Lake Superior agates. This leads up to the fact that the kid is going to have twins later this year. Agates are a Gemini's birthstone. I am a Gemini, although for most of my life I thought I was a Taurus. Bulls were always cooler that a couple of lithe, athletic twins. I was lucky to watch as an ultrasound was done today. At first we all thought that the two babies comment was some sort of ultrasound technician humor, & of course, all kinds of stuff broke loose when we realized she wasn't kidding. This was a semi-off the books affair, so the technician's daughter was along for the show. When she realized their were two babies, she said to me something to the effect that neither one would have to wait for a baby brother like she had to wait. So, here's hoping everything continues to go well. The down side to all this is that I've probably seen my last pair of heavy duty wool socks made by Mrs. coldH2O. Truth be told, I've only got one pair, but they are dandies. Good luck & health to the kid & son-in-law, even if they don't need it.


Anonymous said...

congrats to you and daughter and family.

May Peace prevail on Earth.

Anonymous said...

i think we are leaning towards calling Baby B "Yaya" since he/she is so crazy!!