Sunday, April 02, 2006

Site Update

As you can see, I've been able to reinstall the WWOZ button on the left side of the blog page. I lost the code & they graciously sent it to me again. Please click on the button & it will take you to the WWOZ website. This is one great radio station, so please help support it, particularly after the double devastation of Katrina & Bu$hCo. They've got great shows & DJs, so listen as well. I used to listen with my dialup & it went pretty well. Now, with DSL, it's way better, of course. I'm not sure where the "> is coming from, but it doesn't seem to be doing any harm, it just looks dumb. I also suggest that you click on the Shutterwi link to see some great wood duck photos the SideKick took this last weekend while we were on a short mini-road trip to the Cities. All ducks are beautiful, but the wood duck is the most gaudy & good eating duck here in the northwoods. It was a good weekend with the kid & son-in-law. We had good food, as usual, plus I bought a jig to make wooden hinges & some router bits to make picture rail, a type of molding that allows hooks to be hung from it, thus, you don't need to pound nails,, into the walls in order to hang up artwork. The kid wants it for their home & it sounds like a good idea to me. Plus, since the kid wants it, Mrs. coldH2O can't be too mad at me for dumping a chunk of change at the woodworking store. The good news is that one of the bits for the picture rail will also be used for the wooden hinges. So, buy your kids a shop vac, produce some molding for them, eat a good cheeseburger & click on the WWOZ button to listen & donate. I'm thanking you in advance.


Shutterwi said...

Site looks good! Had a great trip to the city to see N & A.

Buca's well....he was fired then he called an....we should have eaten

Anonymous said...

thanks for everything!