Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Molly Ivins

Time to hit the panic button.

"The shame for journalism is that it has always been so easy to expose those few 'scientific' voices claiming there is nothing to global warming. When the money for 'scientific research' on such a subject comes from oil companies, skepticism is required.

Instead, many 'journalists' let the bullies on the right cow us with the 'liberal media' nonsense and reported there was 'a debate' over global warming. There was no debate. The only question is how fast it's happening. And the answer that keeps coming up is 'faster than we thought. And still faster.'
It's true the United States could make a good thing out of specializing in green energy and green technology -- but we are still living with an administration that subsidizes the oil industry. The question is where the political leadership is going to come from before we reach the Panic Point, before Miami Beach sinks underwater, before Wall Street needs a seawall.

Al Gore is all we've got, and the right wing is still prepared to dismiss him with contempt and ridicule, not because he's wrong but because they'd rather talk about the time he was supposedly advised to wear earth tones.

As the Earth drifts toward crisis, our president does not yet seem capable of grasping even the First Rule of Holes. We're in one, and it is time to quit digging."

Emphasis added.

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