Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fish On An Even Keel

Takes on a whole new meaning with this report. There is so much to be angry with these days, it is sometimes hard to pick a fight with all of them. Bu$hCo has perfected the keep the populace running from scandal to scandal, treason to treason, hate black people to hate brown people. It's too much, but if there is one thing about progressives it's that we are gluttons for punishment, except, of course, for John Aravosis & his tuxedo.

"Fireproof salmon, fish dosed with anti-depressants and shellfish tainted with amnesia-causing toxins can all be found in Puget Sound, researchers said Wednesday at a public forum.

'People need to be mad as hell about this situation, but they aren't,' said Brad Ack, head of the Puget Sound Action Team, a government agency. 'We haven't gotten the message across.'"

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