Thursday, April 06, 2006

Drowning Victim

This says more about the lack of funding for public schools than it does about minority preferences. Everyone wants their children to go to a good school, but using vouchers to cynically destroy public education will not improve public schools. It also doesn't say much about the quality of private education, remember, private schools don't have to educate everyone. That is a big difference.

"As a student at Shaw Junior High School here, Amie Fuwa strained to shut out the distractions of friends cutting up. She struggled through math, and used photocopies or the library when textbooks were scarce."

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Shutterwi said...

This is great your using the "drowning victim" bumper sticker phrase.

You and I know it's origin. How about a nice post about Grover Norquist and the origin of the phrase.

Who knows maybe you will start a movement on the blogs. Like "reality based"

Speaking of reality based any additional comments regarding 1967?

Just checking waiting for a weak moment.