Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dick "Dick" Cheney, John Yoo, President Barak Obama, Sgt. Schultz, WTF? Sgt. Schultz?

In honor of nonheroicvet, whose insightful & humorous comments have made BillyCreek a better blog. John Yoo must have a secret office where he continues to write secret memos for President Obama to make the White House feel all warm & fuzzy about torturing people. President Obama, what a supreme disappointment -- what happened? what's wrong? where did you get these ideas? I thought you were a constitutional lawyer by training & education? Did you sleep through a bunch of classes after playing b-ball late into the night? 

Detainees are hung by their hands and beaten with cables, and in some cases their genitals are twisted until the prisoners lose consciousness at sites run by the Afghan intelligence service and the Afghan National Police, according to a United Nations report released here on Monday.
It paints a devastating picture of abuse, citing evidence of “systematic torture” during interrogations by Afghan intelligence and police officials even as American and other Western backers provide training and pay for nearly the entire budget of the Afghan ministries running the detention centers. 

The report does not assess whether American officials knew of the abuses. But such widespread use of torture in a detention system supported by American mentors and money raises serious questions about potential complicity of American officials and whether they benefited from information obtained from suspects who had been tortured.
The report, based on interviews over the past year with more than 300 suspects linked to the insurgency, is the most comprehensive look at the Afghan detention system and an issue that has long concerned Western officials and human rights groups. 
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nonheroicvet said...

Thanks Mr Creek. For the record, I was trying to become a Republican but just could not make myself goofy enough to qualify so I just make comments on your fine blog.