Monday, August 03, 2009

Not Enough Socialism

Banks get help, investment houses get help, in other words, the rich got bailed out. Wisconsin's dairy farmer, however, can just suck hind-tit. Because of our completely stupid economy, we kill perfectly good dairy cows while importing dairy products. What the hell? I know that the consumption of dairy products is down, due to a more health conscious population, but forcing the small dairy farmer into bankruptcy or suicide are not great solutions. If nothing else, government at all levels probably needs to provide money to move the dairy farmers to the production of other food products. What's so weird about farmers is why so many are goof-ball right-wingers? It's mindboggleing to watch them vote against their own best interests election after election. Farmers have actually benefited from "socialism" over the years, the problem is that it wasn't enough socialism.

Full disclosure: As a Wisco resident, I have been pissed at farmers for years because of their blasted machinery on the highways of the state. Those orange triangles tick me off. Farmers also do their fair bit of pollution, particularly with non-point pollution. Their crappy (sorry, ed.) runoff has killed a lot of trout over the years. Examples are here. & here. & here. & here.

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