Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Farve Is A Viking

I've been, as usual, watching sports news this a.m. (look, it's either that or jewelry auctions since the Knife Show is only on certain nights) & it appears that Brett Favre is on a plane heading to the Twin Cities, MN, to sign a contract with the MN (ass)Vikings. While I detest the (ass)Vikings, I conditionally approve Favre's decision, especially if he wins this year's Super Bowl. This would certainly put a big, big exclamation point on a great career as well as a huge white pine up Ted Thompson's butt & Mike McCarthy's butt. As much as I hate the (ass)Vikings, I really haven't recovered (obviously) from the was Brett Favre was treated by the Packer's organization. Favre should have been resigned & resigned, just for what he did for the Packers & for the NFL. So, while I will not become an (ass)Viking's fan, I will be pulling for Brett Favre.


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