Monday, December 10, 2007

Torturing Son-of-a-Bitch

Read about a self-admitted war criminal. I guess he's not too scared of being identified by the enemy, is he?

Go here to contact Dave Obey, the 7th District Congressman in Wisco. Those of my loyal four readers who live in the district are encouraged to contact him. Be advised that he requires that goddamned extra 4 digits in your zip-code.

For those other of my loyal four readers who live in Wisco, you can contact our Senator Feingold here. & our illustrious Sen. Kohl, who might actually do something, but don't hold your breath, here.

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Anonymous said...

A Republican tactic developed over the past decades is to put out information that could adversely affect their chances about a year ahead of the election. The October surprise a year early. When the subect comes up the campaign, they claim it is old news and the MSM with its work avoidance ethic agrees.