Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Friend Russ, My Friend Al

This is great. Via Crooks & Liars. & he's one of my senators, although he made my daughter almost cry one night while she was trying to raise money for the Democratic Party of Wisco. Remember, he did a bad thing during Clinton's faux impeachment. On the other hand, as John Nichols said to me at a bar in Ashland, Wisco, "When the election comes, comrade, you'll do the right thing." As with almost all progressive, liberal folks, he was correct. & now The Kid lives in Minnesota & sports my friend Al Franken's bumper sticker. He's running for Senate against that asshat Norm Coleman. & I'm one out-of-stater who is going to try & influence Minnesota's Senatorial primary, Mr. Norwegianity. Like a lot of people, bud, we're probably more Minnesotan than you are, but I like you nonetheless.

BTW, here's the original.

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