Saturday, August 11, 2007

Maybe He Should Have Asked About Romney's Special Underwear

The man with five chickenhawk sons won't let a wounded Iraq vet finish with questions about the war. What a tool.
But Devoll, who said he once voted Republican, was just getting started. "I think that Romney was disrespectful," Devoll told reporters after the candidate had left. "I tried to ask him questions. You know I am an Iraq vet who served my country and he can't give me a few minutes of his time, and he wants to walk off. I think that's really disrespectful," he said.
"I was wounded over there," he added. "I lost a lot of friends over there."
Tip o' the hat to Shutterwi, who, BTW, has some excellent pics of triplet white tail deer fawns on his site. Go see them, they're great, & cute as well.


Shutterwi said...

Hopefully some day "the troops" will come to realize that the Repugs love and support you IF:

1. you're fit for combat.
2. you agree with them.

Otherwise IF you're:

1. wounded / disabled NOT SO MUCH

2. a veteran NOT SO MUCH

3. retired military NOT SO MUCH

4. disagree with them NOT SO MUCH

USAF veteran 1965-1969

Anonymous said...

Yours truly is in Iowa. We drove thru Ames yesterday (Saturday) on I-35 and there were large busses everywhere. Someone paid a lot of money to transport all those people to vote. Also Jesus Inc. seems to be doing quite well, saw many smaller vehicles bearing the Jesus gang insignia and colors.
We had originally planned to drive the old RV down here to assist those five brave young Romney lads as they roam the wilds of Iowa fighting ter, but we couldn't afford the gas..

coldH2O said...

Thanks for the on-the-scene reporting, Mr. Nonheroicvet. The blogosphere comes through again, ahead of the local MSM. Good job, but the pay will be lousy, but it will be lousy with love.