Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's See, Oh, Yeah, It's Time For Scott Walker To Blame Somebody For His Lousy Policies

Isn't it great how ReThugs, when faced with actual facts, play the victim so easily?  What a jerk.  Wisco's in deep shit & he's looking around to find someone or something to blame, what a tool.

Asked whether he should be held accountable for July's decline as long as he also wants credit for June's gain, Walker responded by describing what he called "incredible uncertainty both at the federal level - in terms of the debt ceiling and all the tension of that, and the negative impact that had on the economy - combined with July and August, when you saw the height of the recall commercials. And I think for a lot of employers we talked to, that created a high level of uncertainty, not knowing what was going to come next."


Notice how he didn't answer the question, typical ReThuglican.  Oh, BTW, Russ Feingold isn't going to run for any elected office in 2012.  He likes his full-time job at Marquette a lot & wants to stay there.  I think we all would like a full-time job at a major university.  I like Russ Feingolg a lot, but this is disheartening.

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