Monday, June 07, 2010

With Journalism Like This

It's no wonder America has a health care problem. Talk about blaming the victims of a broken system. & it doesn't really matter whether or not the current "reform" will have a positive impact on the total health care debacle, at least these 30 million people may live healthier lives.
Stories of emergency rooms pushed to capacity and wait times at physicians' offices have become legendary. Now the passage of healthcare reform — potentially funneling 30 million new people into an already-packed system — has some groups warning that the nation will soon see a shortage of doctors.
& of course, the poor doctors are the real victims. Look, if this country gave a rat's ass, medical school would not be goddamned expensive, so class oriented - it would be, gasp, free, or something close to free. In fact, if this country was serious about health care, all education would be free or something close to free, just to repeat myself. We are going in the wrong direction, of course, with K-12 education becoming something that we pay for outside of the taxes we pay. Families are expected to pay, sometimes pay a lot of money, for their children to participate in activities that are important to a supposedly free public education. The ReThuglicans are a long way toward drowning public education in this country. & we have let them do it, in fact, we are helping them do it. It's too bad, it's too scary, it's too destructive, it's too....

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