Saturday, February 06, 2010

Still Here

Clearly, there has been a lengthy lapse in posting. I am sorry. I have had a terrible week. I have been boycotting ice fishing for several years, boycotting until Mrs. coldH20wi breaks down & buys the family, OK, me, a snowmobile or 4 wheeler with which to haul my assorted equipment - sonar fish locater, internal combustion ice auger, underwater camera, etc. - out onto the ice. I have had to capitulate, utterly, completely, capitulate to said Mrs. coldH2Owi. So far, the failure of my boycott has yielded very little in the fish poundage. I'll provide pictorial evidence of my humiliation later in the week. My only consolation is that I'm able to drive the old pickup out onto the ice of Chequamegon Bay without a problem. The ice on Lake Superior is a couple of feet thick, so it's safe as hell. My problem in failing to convince L&T wife of my dire need for a conveyance for ice fishing is, of course, inland lakes. Lakes that don't have easy, safe access to the ice. But just you wait to see the size of the yellow perch & rainbow smelt I landed today, just wait & be amazed. In fact, they may be my ticket to said conveyances, maybe. Later, y'all & thanks for your patience.

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