Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Wonder

I often think about why this country seems so fouled up when it comes to guns & sex, among other things. This popped up on my homepage today & it sure explains a lot. This ad is from 1918 & it promotes Erector (heh, heh) plus other "toys" by the same company. A nurse's outfit, now that really creeps me out, given the other toys advertised.


Full disclosure, I did receive an Erector set one xmas.  My family was visiting my mother's youngest brother in Waterloo, IA.  I remember building something.  Clearly, however, engineering was not in my future.  I never, ever, got a nurse's outfit.  I mean it.  I did marry a nurse, but she never, ever wore a nurse's outfit, anywhere, especially in our house. I mean it.

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