Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sean Duffy, Candidate For A Congressional Seat...In Milwaukee?

I guess those of us who know Sean Duffy best, his constituents in Ashland County, Wisco, refuse to fund his bogus campaign, so he must go elsewhere.
The candidate that Block is throwing the fundraiser for, Sean Duffy, is currently a District Attorney, so we can probably rule him out as the person to ask the important questions about the fundraiser. We can also rule Sean Duffy out because he is the same DA that passed the buck when One Wisconsin Now asked him to investigate Michael Gableman's apparent use of a state phone to raise campaign funds. Earlier this year OWN brought up an entirely new line of questions related to Duffy's refusal to investigate Gableman's calls. Naturally Duffy never answered or addressed any of those questions so we can't expect him to give any reliable answers regarding the fundraiser today.

Since the event is being held in Milwaukee, perhaps the Milwaukee County DA could render an opinion on the situation or perhaps the Milwaukee press could ask a few questions about whether any important lines are being crossed with this fundraiser.
The person throwing the fundraiser for Sean Duffy, Mark Block, fits right in with Duffy's other buddies. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has this bit of Block's biography.
Americans for Prosperity’s state director is Mark Block, a top fundraiser for President George W. Bush, who masterminded a plan to illegally funnel money into the 1997 reelection campaign of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Jon Wilcox from wealthy, out-of-state backers of school voucher programs. Block was fined $15,000 and banned from consulting and volunteering on state campaigns until 2004.
Sounds like he could have been sitting the the Ashland County, Wisco, DA's office the day that Sean Duffy refuses to talk about.  Now, that's the kind of man we need in Congress to replace Dave Obey.
Obey grew up as a Republican. However, he was so angered after seeing one of his teachers falsely branded a Communist by backers of Joseph McCarthy that he became a Democrat in the mid-1950s, sometime between the ages of 16 and 18.
Smart guy. My emphases.

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