Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Getting Tough To Be A Denier

There is already an overwhelming volume of evidence* for global warming & once again, this ain't a natural cycle, no matter what the fat druggie says.
The research reveals that sediments retrieved by University at Buffalo geologists from a remote Arctic lake are unlike those seen during previous warming episodes.

The UB researchers and their international colleagues were able to pinpoint that dramatic changes began occurring in unprecedented ways after the midpoint of the twentieth century.

"The sediments from the mid-20th century were not all that different from previous warming intervals," said Jason P. Briner, PhD, assistant professor of geology in the UB College of Arts and Sciences. "But after that things really changed. And the change is unprecedented."
*When you read the piece in this link, you will note that it is from two years ago, 2007.  It's clear to me that the wingnuts will never be persuaded by any science, or by anything to be honest.  It is this sort of head-up-their-collective asses that is so disheartening.  It wasn't always like this.
But President Nixon made the task facing EPA's first Administrator even greater by insisting upon the importance of viewing "the environment as a whole." The President's charge to the first EPA Administrator was to treat "air pollution, water pollution and solid wastes as different forms of a single problem." The main purpose of the reorganization that gave birth to EPA was to introduce a "broad systems approach [that]...would give unique direction to our war on pollution."

My emphases.

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