Thursday, September 03, 2009

What Some People Learned & Is Learning In School

For these sadistic morons it included killing for fun. I suppose the humans didn't kill the animals, the spiked baseball bats did.
The group was cited for 158 single violations, including illegally killing protected wild animals, hunting without a license, hunting with an illegal weapon and unreasonable waste of a natural resource, according to Dave Holmes, Conservation Warden Supervisor for the DNR's south central region.
The 10 adults, all from the Beaver Dam area, were identified by the DNR as Christopher J. Swanke, 22; Jason W. Adams, 18; Andrew S. Chapman, 17; Derek S. Fehling, 18; Matthew J. Haas, 17; Andrew L. Peterman, 18; Gary L. Spears, 20; Mariah N. Schepp, 18; Jacob L. Kleckner, 19; and Austin A. Tripke, 19. The other five who were charged with violations were not named because they are juveniles.

Swanke was charged with five counts of reckless endangerment and one count of attempting to flee an officer, according to the DNR. He was arrested with several of the others on April 3 in Columbia County after DNR wardens caught the group chasing animals with spotlights and clubs.

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Here is what your friend Al learned in school.