Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our Far-Flung Correspondent

From the comments:
nonheroicvet his SO and wonderdog Blackie are presently in Fort St John BC and talked to a number of Canadian people about it and the most common response was who is Sarah Palin? We will proceed to Alaska where we will try to find someone who gives a s--- about Sarah. If we do, we will relay the info.
Cool, huh, we have a far-flung correspondent. I'm not sure if this means we've hit the big time?


nonheroicvet said...

Parked alongside of a very grumpy retired Army guy in the Toad River BC campground. He has a Palin 2002 sticker on his camper and Texas license plates - just the guy I was looking for. After a few war stories (I had to make a couple up), I learned that he was a Sarah (pictures? what pictures) Palin supporter in the past tense.

The search continues. Thank goodness for wifi.

nonheroicvet said...

Arrived in Alaska after a trip through Yukon Territory where we spotted a person who looked a lot like Snidley Whiplash, can't be sure though.

Wonderdog Blackie made his claim to a wide swath of the Canadian Rockies, We expect to hear from the Queen soon since she seems to think she is the owner.

Sarah does not fare well in four Alaskan papers. The Anchorage Daily News lists four other paper's editorials on Palins resignation, three are negative and one is slightly positive for a total of four including Anchorage Daily News out of five negative.