Monday, June 15, 2009

Yup, Everything's Just A-OK

You see, Bu$hCo & Dick "Dick" Cheney just loved them some environmental protection. Sadly, we will see much more of this in the future & not all of it will be the Bu$h family's fault, but most of it will be because of the world view held by the Bu$hies, among other overly-rich sons-of-bitches.
As of Wednesday, only 865 kings had been counted passing through a weir located at Mile 7 of the stream, far less than the normal average of about 5,400 kings for this time of year.
As recently as 2004, nearly 58,000 kings passed the Deshka weir.

Even I, deficient at math as I am, understands 865 vs. 5400.

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