Sunday, April 26, 2009

David Broder Is An Asshole

I, for one, have a desire for vengeance. I do believe, however, that my desire is completely wholesome, like lusting after Catherine Denueve. & I've been wholesomely lusting for her since the winter of 1968.
To which I have two responses. First, who died and made David Broder Sigmund Freud?


Second: let's just stipulate for the sake of argument that all of us who favor investigating torture do, in fact, have "an unworthy desire for vengeance". So what?
My emphasis.  I want all of those bastards in jail, including George & "Dick" Dick. Then, via Shutterwi, we have this to think about.


nonheroicvet said...

It isn't as important as an illegal blowjob (bad joke alert), but it would be interesting to see what the motivation was. I think they knew all along that torture wouldn't provide usable information but would probably provide a confession "proving" the link with Hussein.

Shutterwi said...

Ditto again.

Shutterwi said...

My guess is this is closer to what you were "lusting after."