Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why, Of Course

Atrios posts on a real pet peeve of mine, namely, that everybody needs to intelligently invest their own money for retirement. The ReThugs constantly pushed this lousy public policy for years. I have no idea on how to invest money, & the only time we had enough money to actually invest, we gave to "our" financial people & let them manage it since they are actually educated on how to do this. I really don't need choices. As I've said about my dead mother, she didn't need more phone companies to choose from, she just needed a phone that worked. & there no problem with the Social Security Administration, so leave it alone, except, of course, to raise the benefits & lower the age when a person can enjoy the benefits. I simply don't want to become a stock market investor, at least one who does it from my house, there are too many ducks to kill or trout to release or good meals to eat.

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