Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Feeling Safer?

Even the loony is trading at about $1.10. Looks like my trip around Lake Superior on the Harly next summer may not happen, well, the high loony & the ripoff involved in getting an American passport.
The investigators' findings? The government's $30 fee was roughly double the actual cost when imposed in 2002. The Postal Service, which operates 5,382 locations where people can apply for passports, estimated its costs at $13.31 in 2002. The State Department, which operates 14 passport offices, said its costs were $16.20 at that time.

"This is not supposed to be a profit-making venture," Dorgan said. "They charge 30 bucks just for passing something across the counter."
Oh, BTW, here are how two other currencies are doing relative to the dollar. These numbers have been rounded up.
Euro - $1.50
Pound - 2.10

UPDATE: More here.


Anonymous said...

So that's the Bush game. Want to escape to Canada - can't afford it. Want to escape to Europe - can't afford it. He thinks he has us trapped, but thank goodness for Peeksville.

Spadoman said...

You been talking about this trip around the lake for two summers. Are you really gonna make it? If so, can i go. I have my own Harley. We should start planning right now for a trip around the lake. I have my passport and will be ready to go.