Sunday, November 02, 2008

She Deserves Everything She Is Not Going To Get

I have been lightly posting lately, with good reason, I will add. First of all, I went down to The Cities last week for a visit with The Twins., You ought to be around them, their language development is just astounding. I also had my first two hour stint with Zack, my tattoo guy, who did the outline for my left arm sleeve. He works at Uptown Tattoo. The design is fantastic. You can see the beautiful work he did on my right arm here. I'll try to get a pic of my left arm posted soon. &, of course, I've been volunteering with the local Obama campaign, although, since I volunteered to drive people hither & yon, I haven't actually had much to do. My right knee, about to be replaced or retread, doesn't allow much walking. Anyhoo, I'm so happy that Liddy Dole is getting hammered. Here's the truly good ad that Kay Hagan, the new senator from North Carolina, put out in response to Dole's truly hateful ad against Hagan. Boy, these ReThugs sure know how to be complete assholes.
It is pretty clear to me based on our polling this weekend that Kay Hagan will be headed to the US Senate unless something very bizarre happens in the next 72 hours. While numbers in the races for President and Governor are basically unchanged from last week there has been clear movement away from Elizabeth Dole, a sign that her 'Godless Americans' ad is blowing up in her face.
My emphasis.

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