Friday, June 13, 2008


Bu$hCo is so low, he probably didn't have to even stoop to do this. I'm no fan of the military, but Bu$hCo has, IMHO, wreaked so much havoc on the armed forces that it will take a long time to put it all back together. This is not about all the men & women in the various services, but this is about the arrogance & viciousness of Bu$hco & Cheney & the rest of the chicken hawks that find war such a fun thing to do. No American, not even a Staff Sergeant can exercise any of the freedoms Bu$hCo,, are supposed to be protecting. I really hope President Obama instructs his Attorney General to prosecute these criminals to the full extent of the law. I will be so happy to see these sons-of-bitches behind bars.
The VA rejected an Afghanistan veteran's disability claim for PTSD last month, citing his membership in as a reason for the denial.

Staff Sergeant Will King retired from the Army in late 2003, after serving in both the first Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan. As one of the first troops into the Afghan theater after 9/11, Will had been awarded a Bronze Star after participating in fierce fighting in the Shah-e-Kot Valley in March 2002.

Go read the whole sorry episode. Via C&L.

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