Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More Of The Same Part Nine Hundred Eighty One

Glenn Greenwald takes apart the boneheads in D.C. All I know is that the dirty fucking hippies down at The Black Cat Coffee House were right about everything in regards to this stupid war on Iraq/Terror/Iran & the slimy Joe Lieberman types were wrong about everything.
It is hard to overstate the bitterness and resentment which the Serious Pro-War Beltway Elite like Hiatt, who were wrong about everything, still harbor towards those, such as ElBaredei, who were right about Iraq, principally because those who were right serve as an ongoing, painful reminder of what poor judgment the likes of Hiatt possess, of how untrustworthy are the foreign policy pronouncements of the Serious People in Hiatt's world. Thus, Hiatt's attack on EdBaredei begins with the complaint that he "was lionized by opponents of the Iraq war" for being right. That's because in Hiatt's world, having been right on Iraq -- and being "lionized" by war opponents -- are actually hallmarks of unseriousness. Ask Scott Ritter (if you can find where he can be heard). Or Howard Dean.

Oops, via Atrios.

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