Saturday, September 08, 2007

This Is An Important Issue

NOTE: I never served in the military, in fact, had it not been for a bad right knee, I'd be a Canadian citizen right now, enjoying their great medical system, but that's for another post. I do believe that a person has every right to make comments, take positions, & support ideas about a topic, whether or not they have actually experienced anything about that topic. That said, to continue to allow the ReThugs to portray themselves as John Wayne, who, BTW, did not serve in the military, is just plain wrong. & this is particularly true since the bastards want to just keep killing people, as if that action is a replacement for their small penises. Booman has the story. Now my loyal four readers are an extremely intelligent lot, so this will not be news to them, but we all need reminders. A few highlights.
Cheney received five deferments
Karl Rove, John Ashcroft, Trent Lott, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Frist...all managed to get deferments.

Go read it.

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Anonymous said...

I just cannot find the words to express my contempt for the people you name and there are many others. Perhaps a wordsmith of Mr. Creek's caliber can help out here.