Friday, September 07, 2007

Austria/Australia, It's All The Same To President Moron

I sure hope the Pope knows knows where he's at, because our President, the Dear Leader of America, doesn't.
The German-born Pope Benedict XVI offered a silent prayer at the spare Holocaust memorial at Judenplatz here today, saying earlier that his visit to Austria was aimed partly at showing “repentance” for crimes against Jews during World War II.
Bu$hCo claims Jesus is his favorite political philosopher. (I know, I know, ed.) He also has a big, amorphous shoulder to cry upon. Given Bu$hCo's awful record as a killer while Governor of Texas, you would think that his professed religious beliefs would require him to ask for repentance, not get the Big Girl's celestial garments all wet. I suppose it's like Romney's dog crapping all over his sacred underwear.

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