Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stupid & He Is An Elected Leader In Wisco?

Another reason why Wisco is becoming dumber & dumber. Let's hope we can take back the Assembly from these complete dickheads. Just look at what he says about lawyers:
"We don't need more ambulance chasers. We don't need frivolous lawsuits. And we don't need attorneys making people's lives miserable when they go to family court for divorces," said Rep. Frank Lasee, R-Green Bay. "And I think that having too many attorneys leads to all those bad results."
Now, it is true that lawyers represent old people who are getting screwed by Social Security & poor people who can't get treated like Scooter Libby, but this Lasee dork needs to give up the insults & start governing. What a loser. But what else can a person expect from a ReThug?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how a convicted and sentenced felon named Scooter Jensen can freely walk around law and order Waukesha County?