Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Butterflies Aren't Free

I've sort of fancied myself a Johnny Appleseed of Common Milkweed, collecting & throwing seeds about, not pulling the plants from our vegetable garden, & trying to grow the plants from seed. I do this for a couple of reasons, one is that I use the bast fiber from the stem for paper. It is like hemp, very strong, & makes a nice paper. I also use the fluff in paper making, but mainly for projects that don't require a lot of durability, unless I recycle other paper into the pulp. I also do the milkweed things because of Monarch butterflies.

monarch butterfly on milkweed

The world's inability to understand the need to protect stuff, like Monarch butterflies, mitigates against what I & many, many others are doing. Being the gin drinking, knee-jerk liberals that we are, we will continue with the milkweed projects & keep shoveling the rotten granite of capitalism out of the way. Otherwise, we will read more terribly sad sentences like this one:
The dead butterflies came up to his ankles, an ocean of orange and black that spread as far as he could see.

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