Friday, July 22, 2011

What The Fuck Was The Point Of This?

It's pretty clear to me that the assholes who car bomb places like Norway & then kill a bunch of young Norwegians at a political education camp do not represent the vast majority of Muslims in this world.  How in the world will an act like this advance the cause of the hungry Muslim?  The homeless Muslim?  The abandoned Muslim?  The raped Muslim? The Muslim in jail for criticizing the Saudi king, you know, the one Bu$hCo held hands with? The motherless Muslim?  The fatherless Muslim?  The childless Muslim?  

As long as America & its corporatist rulers insist on an endless war, these bombings will do nothing but intensify this war against nothing, but in support of the bankers, hedge fund operators, bomb builders, plane builders, etc.
And when it comes to dropping its citizens’ tax dollars on flying killer robots and foreign military occupations, no country comes close to the United States. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — more than $150 billion in direct spending this year alone — exceeds what China, the U.S.’s closest military rival, spends altogether on its armed forces. Overall, the Obama administration will spend more than $700 billion next year on the military.
Rather, they’re investing in war at the cost of community health centers, local development projects and Medicare. In Washington, you see, money for killing people is safe from the cutting board; it’s the money that actually helps them that’s not.

My emphases.

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